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Pre-Order (6 hours for preparation and delivery)



Pre-orders can be placed on the same day, if you place an order in the morning, the cake will be ready in the evening. If you need an order on the same day, then place the order no later than 6-8 hours before closing. If you place an order 2-3 hours before closing, it will be moved to the next day. Some cakes (Caramelized Pear or Strawberry/Cherry Cheesecake) can be ready faster, within 2-3 hours if there is no queue. If your cake is ready early and it's convenient for you to get delivery or pickup, we'll call you ahead of time.

Made at home with love. All of our dishes are prepared at home, in a traditional home kitchen using 100% organic ingredients (No exceptions, only organic and only homemade food). We cook for you, as for ourselves, from what we eat ourselves. Done at Home is a small family restaurant with European cuisine and sweets. We love to cook and want to share this love with you.

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Near Me Bakery

All the dishes we sell are made from 100% organic products. We have full control over the entire process of preparing our dishes. We ourselves make condensed milk for our cakes at home, we make cottage cheese for pancakes ourselves, we do not use semi-finished products and buy only expensive and high-quality products. Our food is not only tasty, but also healthy, just as useful as the healthiest sweets :) Bakery near me is a small family run restaurant in Edmond, Oklahoma. We work only on the delivery of our dishes.

For the preparation of our cakes and other dishes, we use only original products or what we have prepared ourselves. We prepare mousses, cottage cheese, sour cream and other organic products ourselves.


1208 Lapwing rd, Edmond, OK 73003

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